5 Qualities Of A Good Website

What qualities would make any website pass as a good website? Personally I would say its visibility, traffic, content, design and ease of use. All other qualities work to achieve these.

What this means is that for a website to be consider good according to our standard at lecrosoft  Technologies such website must be;

  • Easily visible online and top rated amongst search engines
  • Have loads of unique visitors to the site
  • Serve contents that are easily readable and comprehensible
  • Visually attractive design with lovely fonts and beautiful images
  • Easy to navigate and explore

So how does a web designer incorporate all these to create a good website? Here are some of the top characteristics of a website that makes for a good website.

 1. Good Domain Name & Hosting Company

A domain name is equivalently the name of your business or brand and it some cases, your business or brand name may not fit for a good domain name.  Avoid domain names that are too long, confusing, and hard to pronounce, spell, type or sound awkward. Also avoid a domain name that gives a wrong impression.

As for hosting, find a hosting company that is reliable, little or no down time, good connection speed, a lot of web space and sufficient bandwidth, customer support, great features, sufficient email and with a secured location. It wouldn’t hurt to find a hosting company that has all these with good pricing also.

Qualities of a good domain name

Samples of a bad domain name

2. Good Design

A good website design portrays a clear identity of the brand it represents. A web designer must take note of the brand identities when creating a website. From the logo, to the brand font(s), tagline and color mix, all these help to depict a clear representation of the business or brand.

Also, a good website design also has attractive appearance, good navigation, well constructed pages, consistent layout, minimal scroll, visible contact information, a clear call-to-action, and good formatted content.

3. Search Engine Optimization

This is the fine art of making your website visible online and gunning for that top position on search engines. High search engine ranking is crucial for generating traffic to your website but competition is fierce on the web, so if you want to achieve that top level on search engines you need to invest more on search engine optimization.

But there are few tips you can implement to help your website rank better on search engine results;

  • Use images with the right title and alt text
  • Create content which uses your important keywords frequently and appropriately
  • Leverage of hyperlinks – link to webpage within and outside your website
  • Include contents written in HTML format

4. Mobile Compatibility

With the speedy increase in the use of Mobile Devices to access the internet, it is more of a necessity to create website with mobile compatibility so as to capture the vast user of these devices. So for a website to be considered good into today’s age, it has to be mobile friendly.

You can check if your existing website is mobile friendly by using Google Mobile Site Tester to find out or simply access your website on a mobile device to see how it appears. If your website cannot currently be accessed on mobile, you can create a mobile version of your website for free with the help of web-based mobile website builders.

5. Security & Updates

A good website must be secured with strong account password and updated security features.  If your web designer is using a CMS like WordPress, he or she should ensure that it updates automatically and a routine updates of plugins is performed.

Also, ensure that your website content is frequently review, revised and updated to keep your visitors engaged with contents that are up to date.


Several other qualities/features of a website may also pass for a good website. But to keep it simple, these are basically the 5 qualities we at lecrosoft  Technologies feels are paramount for a good website. Please feel free to add some of yours in the comment section; we love to hear from you as usual.


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